The Missing Piece to Streamline your MRO Operations: Automated Device Management

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Airlines face unnecessary delays in coordinating all devices for different teams to use. The aviation industry thrives on continuous research, development, and manufacturing of aircraft, along with the essential avionics and support systems required for testing, operation, and maintenance. To support this extensive R&D, engineers rely on readily accessible smart devices. Leveraging a platform like M3 Solutions' can reduce aircraft turnaround time by an impressive average of 20 minutes.

We invite you to join us for an engaging webinar panel where we will share valuable insights into the best practices and strategies for effectively managing fleets of portable devices and their data. Discover the numerous advantages of automation and learn how leading airlines are embracing the assistance of managed service providers to alleviate the burden on their IT teams.

Keith Dugas, Director of AI Connected Operations at Air Canada, will be joining Stephane Menard, Chief Technology Officer of M3 Solutions, to discuss his firsthand experience in transitioning to mobility at Air Canada. They will also delve into the decision-making process of partnering with M3 Solutions to achieve their targets and enhance their bottom line.

Watch this webinar to learn:


  • The challenges that MROs and Airlines face when using manual processes to manage their operations 

  • Why maintaining synchronicity is critical for improving aircraft turnaround times and ensuring compliancy

  • How the M3 Platform automates deployment of MRO mechanic content, apps and operating systems remotely and unattended


Meet The Speakers 

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Stephane Menard

Chief Technology Officer, M3 Solutions

Stephane is a seasoned executive with over three decades of experience in international Telecommunication and IT companies. As an IT leader, Stephane is dedicated to transforming business operations with IT technology by eliminating manual processes with automation. After receiving his Electrical Engineering degree from Ecole PolyTechnique de Montreal, Stephane held several C-Level positions in Engineering & Business Development. From Director of the Micro-Electronic Division at Nortel Networks/Nordx to Senior Director of Product Management at CDT to VP Engineering and eventually CTO at Simpler Networks.

Now, as Founder and Chief Technology Officer of M3 Solutions, Stephane is a key partner in the digital transformation initiatives of multiple leading airlines and MROs. 



Keith Dugas

Director AI Operations, Air Canada

 Keith is a passionate business leader with expertise in Air Canada's Line Maintenance processes and a goal to drive continuous improvement of their internal processes. Keith started as an Expediter on the AOG desk, eventually moving to Operations Manager. Following that he was responsible as a business lead in supply chain to transition from Air Canada’s legacy maintenance system to Trax where after a successful deployment he became Manager of Continuous Improvement for Logistics and Operations.

Now, as Director of Operations AI, Keith has the current mandate to build AI Solutions for Air Canada's Operations. His comprehensive career background and passion for Augmented Intelligence has allowed him to successfully build and lead a team with expertise in Industrial Engineering, Business Architecture, Artificial Intelligence, and Advanced Analytics.