Eliminating Inefficiencies Through Digital Transformation

Using automation to increase efficiency and ensure compliancy

Webinar Details


To remain competitive today, leading airlines & MROs are prioritizing their digital transformation initiatives. Those who successfully transition to mobility operate at a higher, more efficient rate than their competition. But, digital transformation isn’t always easy since it requires careful change management. 

Join our webinar panel as we share some valuable insights into the best practices and approaches for transitioning to mobility in the Airline & MRO industry. Discover the numerous benefits of automation and learn how leading airlines are embracing the support of managed service providers to alleviate the strain on their IT teams.

 Steve Bogie & Frank Mililo, partners at AeroATeam join M3 Solutions' Chief Technology Officer, Stephane Menard to discuss the transition to mobility in the aerospace industry as a whole and the importance of thorough change management when it comes to automating processes and eliminating manual workflows. They also weigh the pros and cons of a shared device model vs. a dedicated device model. 

Watch this webinar to learn:


  • The challenges that MROs and Airlines face when using a dedicated device model over a shared device model in MRO facilities when managing and synchronizing technical publications and maintenance manuals

  • Why a shared device model is crucial for keeping cost of ownership low, maintaining synchronicity and improving operational performance

  • How the M3 Platform automates deployment of MRO mechanic content, apps and operating systems remotely and unattended


Meet The Speakers 


Stephane Menard

Chief Technical Officer, M3 Solutions

Stephane is a seasoned executive with over three decades of experience in international Telecommunication and IT companies. As an IT leader, Stephane is dedicated to transforming business operations with IT technology by eliminating manual processes with automation. After receiving his Electrical Engineering degree from Ecole PolyTechnique de Montreal, Stephane held several C-Level positions in Engineering & Business Development. From Director of the Micro-Electronic Division at Nortel Networks/Nordx to Senior Director of Product Management at CDT to VP Engineering and eventually CTO at Simpler Networks.

Now, as Founder and Chief Technology Officer of M3 Solutions, Stephane is a key partner in the digital transformation initiatives of multiple leading airlines and MROs. 





Steve Bogie

Partner, AeroATeam

As an Operations, Technology, and Customer Service Executive with over 30 years’ experience in aviation - Steve is focused on airline and aviation operations, currently focused on operating his own consulting firm and a Founding Partner in AeroATeam. 

His career has involved a succession of expanding, senior leadership roles including Managing Director, IT at Air Canada with responsibility for the organization’s IT systems, including the strategic vision and evolution these systems. In addition to alignment with the overall business and corporate strategies, he was responsible to lead the delivery and implementation of this strategy and the engagement of key strategic business partners and stakeholders. He also held numerous senior roles in Corporate Strategy, Airline Operations, Customer Service and Community Relations, Autonomous Flight and Aviation Technology Consulting.






Frank Milillo

Partner, AeroATeam

Frank is an esteemed veteran in commercial aviation maintenance, boasting an impressive track record of over 30 years in airline technical operations leadership. Renowned for his expertise in strategy development, process efficiency, and cost reduction, Frank has consistently delivered tangible improvements for organizations under his purview. 

His leadership has been honed through his senior-level positions at renowned airlines such as American Airlines, US Airways, Western Global Airlines, and JSX. In these roles, he held overall responsibility for large maintenance organizations spread across multiple geographical locations.  Notably, Frank's experience extends beyond the commercial aviation industry, as he proudly served in the U.S. Air Force and holds an FAA Airframe and Powerplant license.